Eberron 5E

Wyrm Party

The party figures out how to get the worm out of the peon. 

The party is faced with a decision on what to do.  The options include: holding off on getting more info on the worms and instead focusing on the Emerald Claw; going to Sharn to find an artificer who can help; going to Zilargo to find an artificer who can help. 

Narissa summons Ripheus. Ripheus invites party to come with him. The party meets Aldric, the deathknight of a powerful lich. Aldric offers cooperation with the party in order to end the threat from the worms and bring the King back into the fold. Kay'ven and Drego refuse outright. Ripheus, Grakak, and Dr. Feelgood would like to hear them Aldric out. Most of the party leaves the conversation. Ripheus remains. Ripheus and Aldric discuss the threat and how to achieve his goals and the party's goals as well. Ripheus does not explicitly agree to cooperate with Aldric but does not refuse either.

Ripheus and Kay'ven argue about the possibility of helping the undead. Kay'ven disassociates himself from the Librarian. Kay'ven cannot, morally, aid any undead. He has shown a lot of compromise so far in how he interacts with some undead, but he cannot go so far as to help a powerful undead force achieve its goals. Ripheus is dismayed by the conversation due to Kay'ven's unwillingne/s to see the threat from the worms (acting as the Quor's interface into Khorvaire) as greater than the threat from any undead.  

Dr. Feelgood and Grakak go to see the king. Dr. Feelgood informs the king about the conversation with Aldric. The king pays Dr. Feelgood an advance, and tells him to aid the party. The king reveals himself as a vampire, although Grakak believes the king to be a dragon.  

(Next game to be on 2/19/17)


Ripheus Ripheus

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